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Nateuca Eucalyptus Spray 2 oz

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Image result for knee painPain and inflammation go hand in hand, eliminate inflammation and pain subsides. Eucalyptus has vaso-dilator properties which open compressed circulation and rushes freshly oxygenated blood to the affected areas. Nateuca works naturally to relieve pain by reducing inflammation around joints muscles and sensitive nerves. Over the counter creams and rubs work by causing a chemical reaction on the skin that heats the area up or makes it cold only to mask the pain temporarily. Soon after within minutes you must reapply the product as it wears off and pain returns.

Oil of eucalyptus is a fantastic natural remedy and it's non addicting plus it works quickly on most bodily pain resulting from joint and muscle inflammation. NATEUCA eucalyptus spray is very powerful because of it's double distilled and pharmaceutical grade Australian eucalyptus oil. It has a strong aroma out of the bottle but it quickly dissipates into the skin after application leaving a bare trace of scent. Eucalyptus works well on congested sinuses by gently inhaling vapors after spraying product on a tissue and inhaling. Never take this product internally. It is only meant for topical use on the skin.

With just a few sprays to the affected area NATEUCA can assist in providing quick relief. If you suffer from burning and numbness in the feet and legs, arthritis, gout, neuropathy, rotator cuff, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee, back, neck, fibromyalgia, apply it topically to the affected area a few times a day.   

We've had a longtime customers tell us how well it worked for their neuropathy caused by diabetes and also chemo therapy. I began using it for my numb feet and legs caused by my chemo-therapy treatments. I was constantly afraid I would fall because I couldn't feel my feet when I walked. After using NATEUCA on them I felt immediate sensation and renewed feeling back in my feet. I love this product not only because we make it but because it has helped me so frequently. it has become my go to product for pain and numbness. Please pass this along to anyone fighting bodily pain they will thank you to pieces. Better yet buy them a bottle now while you are thinking about it. What a great gift for a friend or loved one.      

NATEUCA CONTAINS: EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL, CAJEPUT ESSENTIAL OIL, GRAPE SEED OIL, ALOE VERA EXTRACT, JOJOBA OIL ( if solution appears yellowish in color that is the golden jojoba oil.vs clear jojoba ).

*If you have allergies to or do not like the fragrance of eucalyptus or any of these ingredients above please do not purchase this product as we do not accept returns due to potential product tampering and leakage problem as a result of return shipping. All sales are final. NATEUCA is for topical external use only on the skin ( keep away from eyes, children, never take internally ). Do not spray silk as it will stain and never take internally. Always consult your Doctor before using natural products as they may interfere with prescribed medications. Do not use during pregnancy or breast feeding.

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