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Amazing Healing Salve 2 oz

2 oz Amazing Healing Salve is made with imported extra virgin olive oil. It's slow heat infused with chamomile and calendula flower petals for several days. We change the botanicals daily squeezing every last healing drop of infused oil back into solution. Afterwards we add bees wax for hardness, mango butter, camelina oil, jojoba and vitamin e for ultra skin penetration and their excellent healing properties. We finish this specialty item with our natural tea tree oil, adding a quantity of lavender and peppermint essential oils. This product is one of my proudest accomplishments because it is so very skin healing and I also like the texture of the product, it's not too hard and not too soft, it's just right for touch and melt. As mentioned above I infuse this product over three days with my select herbal plant botaical ingredients so I know how very potent and skin healing it is. Once you try it you are going to love it and reorder it again and again.

  • excellent remedy for inflamed skin. It has exceptional antiseptic and healing properties that help prevent the spread of infection and speed up skin repair.
  • Chamomile is particularly great for sore skin and eczema. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and relaxes the skin when it is sore.
  • Lavender offers significant anti microbial and antiseptic actions for the skin. It heals burns, wounds and sores. rubbed on an insect sting it helps relieve pain and inflammation. It calms and relaxes nervous excitably and it reduces muscle tension, sleeplessness, headaches and depression. Actually there are books written just on this one essential oil. I am so completely sold on it that you will find it in many of my products.
  • Tea Tree Oil a medicine chest in a bottle as it has been referred to so many times. One of natures most important natural antiseptics for stings, wounds, burns and skin challenges like acne, foot and toe fungus, psoriasis and eczema. It's antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal anti-viral and it stimulates the immune system. In fact, many people use it in massage prior to surgery to help increase surgical recovery. Used for ringworm, athelete's foot, corns, warts, boils, insect bites and much more.
  • 10 ways customers use our all natural Amazing Healing Salve

    1.  Excellent natural hand moisturizer!

    2.  Amazing on dry, cracked heels and crusty elbows. Clean skin and then apply.

    3.  All round moisturizer for dry areas,  I use it as a body moisturizer and even on my face, sparingly!

    4.  Soothes and heals chapped lips.

    5.  Soothes abrasions, skin irritation and minors cuts and scrapes.

    6.  Great for adult rashes and of course diaper rash. ( Use sparingly ).

    7  Can be helpful on your dogs skin as well don't forget your best buddy.

    8.  Antiseptic properties make it great for healing existing skin challenges!

    9.  Wonderful for the elderly and their thin, fragile skin issues.

    10.  A good remedy for diabetic skin sores, psoriasis and eczema!

    This is just the tip of the iceberg on some great uses our customers say they find Amazing Healing Salve so beneficial. Best part is it's all natural no chemicals just pure plant based ingredients.

Customers with diabetic skin sores, psoriasis, eczema and contact dermatitis find this product extremely healing. Consider the cost of my herbal product against your prescription ointments. It's your choice pharmaceutical medications or natural remedy?

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