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Restorz Handmade Soap

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4.5 oz Our absolute number one selling soap is now larger in size and may be cut it in half for a bar at the sink and in the shower to save you money. Made with our special base formula of shea butter, olive, coconut and palm oil as well as our proprietary mx of lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils with lavender petals. Just read the testimonials on this product. I have had so many people with skin disorders tell me that this soap has quickly cleared many of their problematic skin issues. RESTORZ skin clearing ingredients have properties that help manage some very difficult acne breakouts, psoriasis, eczema and diabetic skin challenges. Skin disorders are complex, but if your problem has to do with bacterial accumulation and pore clogging this soap may be a natural antibacterial solution. You will absolutely love the big bar size of this soap and the big lather you get with just a few turns in the hand.

Round off your purchase with a tin of Amazing Healing Salve to help promote natural skin healing and moisturization with chamomile and tea tree oils. If you have acne scared skin try our certified organic Tamanu oil. You will be amazed at the improvement as have so many of our customers before you. We also make a tamanu and tea tree oil product if you require more than just scaring relief.

Here's an unsolicited testimonial from a local young lady that sums up the effectiveness of our natural product.

Good Morning, My name is Brooke and I have been using Restorz for a few years now. I met you at a craft fair in Cocoa Village, and Restorz cleared up an allergic rash I had on my face. I returned to your booth the next day to show you the results. Since then, I have been able to eat foods that used to make me break out with acne, wear my favorite cosmetics without getting acne, and never doubted for a moment that my skin would be perfect on my wedding day. I refer everyone I know who has any sort of skin ailment to your website. They have all come back raving! I would say, about 15-20 people. And they are telling their friends, too!! I recently went on a cruise and met a girl who had the most severe acne I have ever seen. Her breakouts looked more like herpes blisters than acne pimples. I broke off a piece of my own bar and gave it to her. The next morning you could already see a difference, and by the next day all she had left were some raw spots that needed to heal. But no breakouts. I think you guys would benefit tremendously from more publicity and hope to see you advertising more in the future!! I will continue to spread the word! 


We have so many stories similar to this, but we'll let you tell us about your experience and honestly your compliements are every bit as good as being paid. Well almost! Thanks again.

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